Selecting a Detox Rehab Nashville addiction treatment Program

Selecting a Detox Rehab Nashville addiction treatment Program

Avoid: Sending the addict to any drug detox or rehab treatment program that only deals with physical withdrawal symptoms. A center which helps someone overcome the physical pain and discomfort of initial withdrawal from drugs as it’s only treatment modality is missing the mark. If the original reasons for addiction were never addressed in treatment, the addict is heading right back to old habits and soon, nothing will have changed.

Avoid: Drug addiction “treatment” programs which simply throw drugs at the addiction. In other words, any facility which switches drug addicted

Nashville addiction treatment individuals from one addictive substance to another addictive substance is not really treating the problem but merely delaying the inevitable. The drug user will someday have to stop using drugs completely. That is inescapable. Unless they stop using drugs, they will be addicted forever.

Avoid: Putting the addicted person into a treatment center that is too close to home. This seems obvious, but for many reasons it is missed by many.

There are reasons why doing so would be attractive:

The convenience of a nearby facility

The desire to visit the addict during treatment

The urge to “check-up on progress” on a regular basis

Being in the home area might make the person feel more comfortable

Each of these is actually a very good reason to get the addict OUT of the home area.

Convenience applies to the drug dealers and “druggie buddies” as well as the family. 

We do not want it too easy for them to swing by for a visit Nashville addiction treatment

During treatment the user needs to become self reliantly drug free and family visits are best kept to a bare minimum.

And finally, the familiar things in the environment can also be reminders or “triggers” of past drug times. Best to keep those away, at least until strength returns.

On the positive side of things:

Do: Ensure that the whole addiction will be addressed, not only the physical withdrawal period. Learning to stay drug-free for life requires gaining skills, skills that were not learned during the years of drug use. Being self-sufficient and having a personal code of moral behavior is something that must be learned, and the usual drug addict is short on those particular abilities.

Do: Select a treatment center that focuses on living life on one’s own, without starting him on new drugs. It is so easy to blame the user’s failings on chemistry. But the addict has been self medicating for years and where has it led? Do not be so quick to jump into another long period of drug use. Doctors are the first to admit that these things are vastly over-prescribed.

Do: Try to find a suitable drug addiction treatment facility that will put the addict into a new environment. Turning over a new leave is usually best done by surrounding oneself with new friends, (the drug-free variety!), and activities. Old thought processes are replaced by new ones and former habits just do not apply to the new paradigm.

A new life is waiting for the drug addicted person who avoids the old and embraces the new…I know. I have been drug free for 34 years and I wake up every morning knowing I will be that way forever.