Body SDS Is The New Best Form Of Massage

Body-sds is in. You might have heard about it or even tried it. If not, then you are definitely missing out.

Body-sds was developed in 1940 by Erland Hurting. One of the leading masseuses who practice body-sds today is Simon Dahl Thaulow in Denmark. His treatment has been proven to help you fight back pain, knee injuries, physical and psychological stress, trauma and unsolved feelings.

The massage treatment will apparently make you feel younger, give your body new energy, release stress in your central nervous system and organs, improve your immune system, flush out toxins and bring new nutrition to bones, joints and muscles.

body-sds massage

The history of massage therapy

Massage therapy dates back thousands of years. We see references to massage in writings from ancient Japan India and China and even Egypt and Greece. It was defined as “the art of rubbing”).

It was during the Renaissance that massage became widely used in Europe. Massage first came to the United states when two American physicians who had studied in Sweden introduced massage therapy in the States, where it became popular and was heavily promoted for a variety of health purposes. Since then massage has gained a lot of popularity and different branches of massage has been developed.

Body-sds is especially good in the toxic everyday we are living today. With all the alcohol, chemicals, stress, medicine, sugar, fat and drugs that sits in our bodies it is healthy and good for you to get a cleansing massage. Of course massage won’t always be enough – you should strive to live a general healthy life, stick yo a healthy diet and get a lot of exercise.

Body-sds in Denmark

Body-sds is fairly new in Denmark but it has gained a lot of popularity very fast. If you would like some massage solrød you should most definitely check out this site. Helle from Massage og Liv does a fantastic job.