The Spanish Association of Nurses of Nutrition and Dietetics (ADENYD) was created in 1988 by a group of nurses working in Nutrition and Dietetics Units.

It is a National Association, which aims to group the Diplomas in Nursing who have an interest in Nutrition and Dietetics regardless of whether they develop their activities in Nutrition and Dietetics Units, in the care, teaching or management field, both in Primary Care as Specialized in public or private entities. In this way, we intend to achieve a common forum where we can discuss our objectives and plan the necessary strategies to achieve them.


Group nursing graduates with an interest in Nutrition and Dietetics

Encourage the creation of work groups at local, regional or national level, to promote the scientific, technical and teaching activities of our profession and to achieve a better functioning of the Association.
Collaborate with Official Organizations and other institutions, with our advice, in order to promote Nutrition and Dietetics within our professional framework.


National Forum of Nurses in Nutrition and Dietetics (annual, October).

ADENYD Newsletter (semiannual, April and October).

ADENYD Award (Shipments until December 31, annual).

Those that fall within the scope of assistance, teaching, administrative and research and that we can basically summarize in:

Nutrition education for health , both in the healthy and sick population, to achieve favorable eating behaviors, based on scientific knowledge, so that the individual can prosecute and act in specific situations.

Identify nutritional needs in health and illness situations, providing care related to food and nutrition.

Know the advances in Nutrition and Dietetics and disseminate recommendations among patients whose basic, palliative or preventive treatment is based on these modifications.

Inform, train and perform the care and follow-up of the patient that requires nutritional support and, above all, artificial nutrition, both during hospitalization and at home.

Coordinate with the nursing teams everything related to the nutritional care of each patient.

Inform and make joint decisions with the remaining team members.

Participate in the training in Nutrition and Dietetics of communities, health professionals, students of different disciplines, etc .; attending the institutional demands and those of the nursing team.

Perform and collaborate in research studies , to improve the different activities of both their own and the team.